Its bye bye 2019 and hello 2020. What are your resolutions for the new year?

May be some of you want to learn a new skill, may be you want to travel more or may be you want to loose some weight (I know I do!). Whether you are making any new resolutions for 2020 or not, the problems caused by global warming is a reason enough for all of us to make this little resolution of living more sustaibly. Don’t you think?

As they say little drops of water make the mighty ocean. So making these little changes to how we live, shop & eat will make a huge positive impact on our planet.

Let’s pledge to make small changes in 2020 to live more sustainably.


1. Eliminate single use plastic & paper bags
It is no secert that slow to degrade plastic bags are  having a catastrophic effect on our earth and our own health too. Its about time we all carry our own reusable bags for grocery shopping and more. Even before picking up that paper wine bag to gift wine, think again. There are plety aletrnatives to stylishly gift that wine. Check out here 


2.Reusable coffee mugs
Single-use/disposable coffee cups are among the most common types of litter found in the world!  Did you know they take between 20-50 years to break down? (Ref: Thank god for reusable coffee cups. Start using one today.  The reusable cups also make a thoughtful gift.


3. Recycle / Donate
Reduce, refuse, reuse and recycle wherever possible! I have been trying to do more of this myself. If you live in Singapore there are many ways you can donate or recycle. Here is a link to NEA collection & recyling points.


4. Carry your own water bottle
Plastic bottles contain Bisphenol A (BPA), it is an endocrine disruptor which has been proven to be hazardous to human health. Plastic often ends up at the bottom of the ocean, and in the stomachs of a variety of animal species that mistake them for food. <Ref:> Lets avoid buying bottled drinks and not just water altogether. Save resources by drinking from taps and getting your own bottle refilled whenever possible.sustainable shopping


5. Vegetarianism
Going vegetarian or atleast trying to reduce the intake of meat is a great first step. Going vegetarian can halve the CO2 emissions from your food and is good for your health.


6. Short Showers
Take shorter showers, conserve energy and save water. If you love long showers, try and reduce them to once a week.  You can also install a water saving shower head.


7. Responsible/ Sustainable Shopping
Consumers are getting more conscious, we see more and more sustainable brands coming up in Singapore. You too can make conscious choices when shopping, shop from brands/ companies who focus on being more socially conscious & responsible.


8. Support Artisans/ Fair trade
Support brands that pay the artisans fairly for their products. If possible buy direct from the artisans. It truly feels rewarding, when you know the artisans have got their fair share and the right price for their hard work and skill.


The above tips may not work for all of you, so pick one or two that suit your lifestyle. Sustainable shopping & sustainable living starts with the choices that we make.


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