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Oversized designer scarf “Plume”





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The perfect gift.  A design full of colour and delight. 



Product Description

Limited edition oversized designer scarf – 200cm x 130cm

Go on, be bold. Like any parent will relate, my son’s young days were filled with finding and collecting ‘treasures’. Every day he would come home from school, emptying his pockets of the little gems he had found on his journey. To most, it would be junk, rubbish.  But to my son, they were a reflection of his imagination and boyhood and the magic of finding such riches.  I can only hope he carries this wonderment of discovery throughout his life. The magic of childhood is so fleeting.  Rather than become frustrated with the seeming useless ‘stuff’ Nicky collected, it became just a much joy for me to listen to his story about what and how he’d found things and what they represented.


  • 70% cotton
  • 30% silk

Shipping Info

Shipping Information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 25 x 25 x 5 cm

L, M

Delivery & Return

Delivery & Return

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