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Kuukou folding clutch- Ume


Folding clutch
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A cheerful collection of bright coral ‘ume’ blossom and ‘momiji’ maple leaf with dusty pink ‘kiku’ chrysanthemum :some of the favourite Japanese design motifs. Made from a komon kimono, between 20-30 years old.



Product Description

The Kuukuo Clutch was designed to hold passports (can fit upto 5) and other essentials for when travelling. The wrist strap and extra pocket on the inside of the clutch offer additional functionality (we first thought of for your car keys and car park tokens). Also, used by many friends of Moniko as a casual clutch when out and about and travelling light.

Shipping Info

Shipping Information

Weight 140 g
Dimensions 27 x 1 x 15 cm

Info & Care

Info & Care

Made with Silk. When open the clutch is 25cm tall x 24cm across, and closed 13cm x 24cm.  Features: a wrist strap and inside pocket.

Delivery & Return

Delivery & Return

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