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Ollie The Longneck – The Giraffe


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Friendly and very gentle, Ollie is super social and often leads his group of friends and family to the acacia trees (his favorite food) where they love to eat leaves and buds! Bring Ollie together with his other friends from the jungle to accessorize a nursery, a little (or not so little) one’s room, or any other space. We’re sure that Ollie and his friends will make you rumble in the jungle!

Tip: Giraffe Head-Ollie comes with a thread loop stitched at the back and can be easily hung on a wall, using a 3M hook.



Product Description

Felting is a traditional .form of handicraft in Nepal. Divya designs each product herself. They are then handmade by women in Nepal, women, allowing them to earn a living whilst also being able to take care of their children. All Things Felt believes that happiness is handmade and the intent of bringing the splendour of the Nepalese hillsides to homes in Southeast Asia, Divya hopes to touch more lives with the magic of its products.

The rugs are all made to order and will need 4-5 weeks for delivery

Shipping Info

Shipping Information

Weight 450 g
Dimensions 45 x 25 x 18 cm

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Info & Care

Info & Care

Caring for your felt heads. Remember to shake and vacuum them on a regular basis to keep it dirt and dust-free. We suggest that you use the suction spout instead of the cleaning brush as the bristles of the brush may damage the felt.  Try and keep your felt heads dry, but we know accidents can happen! Should you spill something , you can just use a cloth and dab quickly until the liquid is absorbed. You can use a piece of cloth that is moistened (very slightly) in soapy water to dab the stain. Continue to dab and very gently rub the stain with the dry cloth and moistened cloth till it is minimized or gone.

Delivery & Return

Delivery & Return

Non-exchangeable and non- refundable. If not available, they will be made to order and will need 4-5 weeks for delivery
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All Things Felt believes that happiness is handmade. Felting is a traditional form of handicraft in Nepal. Every piece i ... Continue Reading
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