Tis the season to be stylish! The holiday season is upon us and by now many of you will have decided what to wear for the endless array of Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties. Yet, have you decided on how to “Bling up” that special outfit for the big party? Or perhaps you haven’t yet decided what to wear and are in need of some inspiration for your accessory led wardrobe?

Here are our top 10 accessory recommendations to add that dash of “Bling” to your party outfit.

1) Hot Pink Wrap Bracelet by Lil Jewellery

pink bracelet

2) Gigi Crystal Necklace by Stones That Rock

crystal necklace

3) Blue Topaz & Tourmaline Leaf Earrings by Lustre Jewelry


4) Obi Clutch by Moniko

5) Impavdo Clutch by House Of Sheens

Impavdo Clutch In Royal Purple house of sheens

6) Flamingo Clutch by Desti Saint

black clutch

7) BeeWow Mini Black by House Of Sheens

BeeWow Mini Bag

8) Red Joy Pregnancy Necklace by Ilado

pregnancy necklace

9) Double Tassel Necklace by Lil Jewellery

10) Moonstone Bracelet by Lustre Jewellery

lustre jewellery bracelet

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