Balancing a busy work, home and social life…
The designer shares her schedule with us.

Desti Saint

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I wake up and get out of bed at 7am every morning and drop my son and my husband at the local MRT.



I love breakfast! It is 30 minutes of bliss watching the news, enjoying a steaming cup of tea and usually devouring an omelette or a bowl of muesli.  After breakfast I sometimes go for a power walk but that all depends on how motivated I feel that day. When I do go I find it is a good time to walk and talk to my Mum, my Social Media Manager, Suppliers and Factories, as I can sometimes get distracted at the office.


I typically aim to leave home around 8.30am and head straight to my favourite coffee shop, where they know my order by now and understand that I cannot function until after that first sip!



From there I head to the office for meetings, designing, organising campaigns, team meetings and the day-to-day running of my business. Each day is never the same day, which is lovely and invigorating.



I work through lunch most days and I often eat a salad at my desk that my lovely helper has put together for me.



I leave the office between 4.30-5pm before heading to pick up my son from school. Then it is straight home to hang with him for a while and nag him about doing his homework! I will often speak to my two other kids that are living overseas in New Zealand and Australia. I really miss everyone not being at home.



I am not sure I ever finish work, as there is always something to do.  My days seem to be Walk, Work and Wine not necessarily in that order! In the evenings I am often out with friends either at dinner, trivia nights, girls’ nights or the movies. If I am not going out in the evening I will go for a run because I find that it helps to clear my head and gives me clarity on the things that I might be deliberating on.



I always aim for an early night but it never happens. I get into bed around 11.30pm, I read a page of my book and then I pass out from tiredness. I have been reading the same book for the past four months! My dear friend has been waiting to read it so I think I shall just have to buy her another one, otherwise she may never get to read it!24hrs with desti saint

About The Boutique : DESTI SAINT

Desti Saint
Born from designer, Desti Saint’s, determination to create a range of luxury handbags at an affordable price, this brand has established itself as a blend of East meets West. Each unique design stems from Desti’s love of Asia  and combining this with her Western heritage. She personally sources the materials from across Asia to ensure the best quality and oversees the craftsmanship in Central Java and Bali.

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